Specialty Coffee Beans - Ethiopia Tagel Alemayehu Aferu 200g
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☕ Ethiopia Tagel Alemayehu Aferu coffee is another pride that we select the best beans to roast. and pulling out the identity of each area of ​​coffee as clearly as possible

☕ Ethiopia Tagel Alemayehu Aferu Coffee is Single Origin with a sweet aroma and a touch of flowers. Taste of Ethiopian Yegachev Coffee In addition to the fragrance It also has a berry-like flavor, a light orange, and when you drink it, you'll feel refreshed. who is feeling sleepy not energetic When you drink this Ethiopian Yegachev coffee, you'll instantly feel refreshed.

• 100% Arabica coffee, premium quality from Ethiopia Tagel Alemayehu Aferu.
• Planted in the area at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level.
• Roasting Level (Light )
• With Wet Process
Flavor Notes : Stone Fruity , Sugarcane , Complex , Bergamot , Floral , Apricot , Mandarin , Lemon

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