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• Coffee bags should be closed tightly or stored in a tight container after opening for best taste. • Coffee beans should be stored in places with low humidity for best quality.


Mae Morn Aerabica Roasted Coffee Beans

Get a good cup of drip coffee at your morning with a friuty and mellow taste.


Ratika Coffee Aor Ma Lee Blend 500 g. • Aormalee : Deep Complexity. • Secret technique for smooth and flavourful taste. • Complex harmony in taste of espresso shots. • Special blending and roasting techniques resulting in uniqueness in taste and flavour. • Mild body and rich in Chocolate scent. • Net Weight: 500 g. For best quality • Please seal the coffee bag or keep coffee bean in air-tight container after open. • Please keep coffee bean in low humidity for long lasting shelf life. Tips • Choose the proper grinding size to match with your brewing method for the best taste of coffee. • Use ground coffee right after coffee grinding or keep in locked container to keep the best taste and aroma.