Roasted Bean
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• 100% Thai Arabica coffee including beans from various northern regions.
• Small Dee, full flavor, chocolate, cocoa. At the end, it smells lightly floral. Delighted with the identity of authentic Thai Arabica coffee.
• Roasting Level : Medium Roast
• Meticulous selection. Special care at every step by state-of-the-art Color Sorter
• Suitable for Espresso, French Press, Drip Coffee.


• Suitable for standard espresso, cappuccino, latte.


• Roasting Level (Medium Light)
• Dry coffee processing (Dry Process) ripe red coffee cherries. through drying


• Suitable for those who like strong coffee. Suitable for cold coffee
• Net weight 500 grams.


• Coffee bags should be closed tightly or stored in a tight container after opening for best taste.
• Coffee beans should be stored in a place with low humidity for best quality.

• Choose the right grinding size for the brewing method for the desired coffee flavor.
• After ground coffee, use immediately or store in a covered container for the best flavor and aroma.