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  • Hillkoff Coffee Plus (Frappe Powder)
  • Weight 1,500 grams
  • Specially formulated Frappe powder from Hillkoff  instead of sweetened condensed milk and cream.
  • Milk is convenient, fast and economical. Helps coffee and milk tea to create a smooth, rich aroma that is delicious to every cup. Whether it is Thai cold coffee, green tea, Thai tea is delicious and unique.

Product details
• Hillkoff Coffee Plus Frappe powder, ingredients to add aroma to the drink.
• Add smoothness and smoothness to your favorite drink.
• With milk powder cream from HILLKOFF. Can be used in many menus. Whether it is tea, coffee, cocoa and much more
• Net size 1,500 grams
• 1 bag equal to 7 cans of condensed milk


To ensure your steam wand not have milk stuck.


• Coffee bags should be closed tightly or stored in a tight container after opening for best taste.
• Coffee beans should be stored in a place with low humidity for best quality.

• Choose the right grinding size for the brewing method for the desired coffee flavor.
• After ground coffee, use immediately or store in a covered container for the best flavor and aroma.


It is derived from sencha roasted twice to deliver superior aroma and unique brown colour of quality houjicha.


Individual Set


How to use: Use a clean, dry spoon to scoop 1-2 teaspoons of booster Hillkoff powder into the mixture before or during cold blending. Storage method: Store in a dry place. If the bag is opened, it should be stored in a vacuum container. Net weight: 1,000 grams The booster powder does not have to dissolve. • Slow down the separation of smoothies. • Add smoothness and softness to beverages containing milk.




  • The lower pot is made of alloy material, and the upper pot is acrylic, high toughness, not easy to be broken 
  • Easily monitor the entire brewing process with the transparent container, more interesting, easier to control the process 
  • Detachable design, easy to clean after coffee making and convenient for serving or storage for next time use 
  • One power button operation, easy to use. Large capacity of 300ml, you can serve about 3 people at the same time

450ml double wall cup with handle