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For hot menu (6 oz.)
• Add 1 oz. of hot water.
• Mix 1 tea spoon of Cocoa Rico into a cup.
• Pour hot milk till it fulfil the cup and serve.

For iced menu (16 oz.)
• Add 3 oz. of hot water.
• Mix 1 table spoon of Cocoa Rico.
• Add 2 oz. sweetened condensed milk and mix well.
• Add ice cube and serve with milk on top.


For hot dishes (6 oz.) 
Put 1 oz. Of hot water into a glass. Add 100% Dutch cocoa powder + 1 teaspoon of Cocoa to hot water, stir to dissolve. Fill the glass with hot fresh milk and serve. 

For a cold menu (size 16 oz)
 Fill a 3 oz measuring glass with hot water. Add 100% Dutch cocoa powder + 1 tablespoon Cocoa, stir well. Add 2 ounces of sweetened condensed milk. Stir well again. Scoop ice into a 16-ounce glass, topped with fresh milk.